Day 1 (afternoon): Workshop on observing systems (presentations)

Day 2 (morning): Workshop on observing systems (Continue of presentations /Discussion)

Day 2 (afternoon): Presentation of MONGOOS scientific strategy plan and discussion of scientific perspectives in the region (10 min presentations):

  • Intro on Mongoos scientific strategy plan
  • Ocean hydrodynamics and Air-sea interactions 
  • Climate change 
  • Water cycle 
  • Biochemical fluxes and food webs 
  • Sediment fluxes and coastal erosion 
  • Operational fisheries and aquaculture 
  • Maritime safety 
  • Ocean resources and renewable energies 
  • Ocean applications 
  • 1 hour debate on:
    • Key topics not well understood where we should focus observations and theoretical work
    • Link to international R&D framework
    • Promotion of our work in an international context

Day 3 (Morning)

  • Review of MONGOOS ordinary matters (2 talks by co-chairs)
  • Discussion on strategy and future