Tuesday 26th - Wednesday 27th of May 2015, Athens

The Hellenic Center for Marine Research  (HCMR) and the PERSEUS FP7 project organized a two day Scientific and Strategic Workshop in memory of Kostas Nittis that focused on state of the art contribution of operational oceanography (modelling and observations) and its applications in the present and future needs of science and society.

Kostas Nittis was a great scientist and forward looking person, who made an important contribution to European operational oceanography and observing systems, with a key vision on the strategic importance of a sustained European Ocean Observing System (EOOS). The Scientific and Strategic Workshop on a coordinated European observing systems strategy was organized in his memory and took place in Athens in 26 and 27 of May 2015.

The first day was dedicated on the recent advances in operational organography and identifying the key issues that a coordinated European observing systems strategy should address, and on the second day the discussion focused specifically on the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas addressing the gaps and the needs together with a roadmap for the coordination and development of a sustainable observatory across the region.

The main output of the workshop is a vision document on the Mediterranean and Black Sea Observing Systems Strategy that can be downloaded through the following link: